Total War is a computer series of strategy games developed by The Creative Assembly. These combine turn-based strategy & resource management, with real-time tactic.
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 Forum Support Rules

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Vlad Dracula

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PostSubject: Forum Support Rules   Sat May 13, 2017 2:57 am

The rules of this board will be followed regardless of who you are so Users and Staff will and won't insult each other under any given reason Users especially wanting to repeal a warning because if a individual does their thread will be locked and another warning will be issued. Users will use the code below and the reason and purpose of this board is solve issues but this category is for helping users this isn't about socializing and any member that isn't a Administrator or Moderator will have their comments removed to avoid a member trying to backseat.

Note 1: If you tag a Administrator to the one who assigned you a warning then you and the tagged Administrator MUST wait til another Admin is assigned to assist the revoking of the warning.

Note 2: Evidence over absence! If a user has no evidence on why their warning should be repealed then consider your thread locked and archived and if YOU edit your post then you have BY all rights forbid any type of trial for the removal of a warning.

Note 3: Bans that are permanent cant be repealed and creating sockpuppets (aka Alt accounts) while perm banned will cause us to IP ban your account.

(Copy and Paste the following codesin a New Thread and await a staff to comment.)

Revoking Warnings

[b]Staff who Assigned Warning:[/b]
[b]Reason for Revoke:[/b]

Forum Support


Forum Support 2

[b]Forum Issue:[/b]

Staff Icons

Solved: for Questions
Pro Admin: for repeals of Admins tagged.
Completed: for Questions
Accepted: for repeals
Rejected: for repeals
In Progress: for repeals

Users put this under the status:
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Forum Support Rules
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